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Be The Artist of Your Brand

Sometimes people tell me that they don’t think they have a brand or that they aren’t sure of their brand. If you fall in this category, let me be the first to say that you do have a brand and that it is up to you to be the best brand manager that you can… Continue Reading

Can You Tell Your Story?

In 1985, when Iacooca topped the best seller list, it seemed that a new genre of business literature was born. Since then, we have read hundreds of stories written by CEOs and industry execs in an effort to better understand leadership. We have learned from Jack Welch, Steve Jobs, Buffett, Branson … the list goes on and… Continue Reading

Lessons From The Golf Course

I played golf with my Dad last month. You have to love any sport where someone 74 years old can still outplay, out finesse, outwit, out drive, and out putt people half their age. My Dad has actually gotten better at golf as he has gotten older. He is calmer, more relaxed, less concerned about… Continue Reading

Should You Take The Job?

Recently at dinner, the discussion turned to whether or not you should take a job that you really wanted knowing that the new boss wasn’t going to be particularly fabulous.  Needless to say, there was not consensus among the group, as several people expressed concern that one person could be a career derailer, while others… Continue Reading

If You Couldn’t Fail?

Family dinner discussions are always interesting at my house, and this past weekend was no exception with one of my children asking “what would you do if you knew that you couldn’t fail?” There are many things to think about as you ponder the answer. Was your mind filled with numerous answers, or did you… Continue Reading

Leadership Lessons On The Way From The Waterfall

This past weekend, I found myself on a beautiful hike in the NC mountains headed for a waterfall that I have hiked to at least 100 times.   It is a relatively easy 2 mile hike followed by a challenging rock ascent of about 600 feet.  This particular weekend I was accompanied by three teenagers… Continue Reading

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