quote_openWhile I was trying to learn something new, I focused on following the steps and I was successful. It made me wonder why I ever question a proven process. (LJC)quote_close
quote_openI wasn’t overthinking it – I was simply reacting. Recognizing that made all the difference in my performance. (KP)quote_close
quote_openI loved realizing that my brand was all about “asking why not instead of asking why” and because of that I am able to solve problems and create opportunities. (KJK)quote_close
quote_openSince I got back I feel empowered and inspired to CREATE more of what I want and to actively make changes. (MRJ)quote_close
quote_openI was living one brand at work and one brand at home. Neither felt authentic. I learned how to truly define, embrace and leverage my strengths that make me unique. I am more aware of how others see me and I am now coaching myself to enjoy the moment while I am taking action. (PBL)quote_close
quote_openI realized that by sharing my strengths and my brand with colleagues and team members, there is now much less confusion about the what and why of my expectations. (JP)quote_close
quote_openThe week was an adventure. I was pushed to focus on me and what was important to me. After this experience, my confidence level has increased, I have set goals and I am executing change. (AH)quote_close